Published On: Sun, Jan 24th, 2021

Walk of Life – Day 23 – January 2021 – Thoughts from the Book of Proverbs


For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off. Proverbs 23: 18

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

The future…hope…expectations…I do not know what my future holds but I know who holds my future. We are living in the strangest of times. Children not able to go to school, almost everyone working from home, no church…only online, no corporate worship, lockdown…a term we never even knew what it meant, masks…something we wore only for fancy dress, social distancing, we only knew about socializing, if you actually pause and think, these times are truly unique, weird, strange, you can choose the right word! And what next? You ask someone and the answers are as mysterious. They would tell you the future will be like this only, we need to live with all this, working from home is the new norm and so on and so forth. Children writing exams online is one of those strange things and thankfully we should be back to normalcy soon.

If you ask me what next? I have a very simple answer…I have no clue but I have a loving living Savior who is the first and the last, the beginning and the end, He knows exactly what will happen five years down the line and I trust Him wholeheartedly. He says my expectation will not be cut off. He says He will give me a hope and a future.

The Lord is actually telling us, see my dear child, you really do not know what will happen tomorrow but trust me, whatever happens will be for your good, for your betterment, I am your Heavenly Father. I have always had this fear, what if this happens or that happens. When we suddenly had a job crisis at home and there was no earning member, I knew only one thing…my God will never make a mistake. So beautifully everything fell in place and the Lord miraculously provided for every need. That incident totally removed that fear. God is surely and definitely in control. When you entrust an unknown future in the hands of a known God, He just completely takes charge. Hand him the steering wheel, He will steer you in the right direction. We always have these questions, Lord why this or why that? or most of the time, it will be Lord why me?

Never question God. He knows what is best. Just like a little child, trust Him. He led you thus far, He will lead you to the very uttermost. Live according to His word. He will be faithful.  This incident from Max Lucado’s writings was very meaningful.

“Some time ago, I took my family to the bicycle store to purchase a bike for five-year-old Jenna. She picked out a shiny “Starlett” with a banana seat and training wheels. And Andrea, age three, decided she wanted one as well. I explained to Andrea that she was too young. I told her she was still having trouble with a tricycle and was too small for a two-wheeler. No luck; she still wanted a bike. I explained as much as I could and I said daddy knew best. Her response? She screamed it loud enough for everyone in the store to hear: “Then I want a new daddy!” Disappointment demands a change in command. When we don’t agree with the One who calls the shots, our reaction is often the same as Andrea’s—the same as John’s. “Is he the right one for this job?” Or, as John put it, “Are you the one? Should we look for another?”

Clouds of doubt are created when the warm, moist air of our expectations meets the cold air of God’s silence. If you’ve heard the silence of God, if you’ve been left standing in the dungeon of doubt, then understand this: Perhaps it isn’t that God is silent. Perhaps, like John, you’ve been listening for the wrong answer. John had been listening for an answer to his earthly problems, while Jesus was busy resolving his heavenly ones. That’s worth remembering the next time you hear the silence of God. If you’ve asked for a mate, but are still alone. . . if you’ve asked for a child, but your womb stays barren. . . if you’ve asked for healing, but are still hurting. . . don’t think God isn’t listening. He is. And he is answering requests you are not even making. – Max Lucado”

New Year Resolution: Yes Lord, so many situations in my life, I just do not understand. I seek for justice but I still feel there is only injustice all around. But Lord I trust you that you have a great future in store for me. You will lead me in the right paths. You are always in control. My future is secure in your hands. I will never fear about tomorrow.



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