Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2016



Our Church fits the bill of a REAR-VIEW VISION Church

1. Leader! Where is he?

We have umpteen self-proclaimed leaders in our assemblies these days. Most of them either have money or are after money. We have elders, deacons, ministers in the ministry, we don’t have one leader who can lead all these 3 offices like how Bro. Bakht Singh used to do. Lots of confusion. We created this chaos and we have to face it. And we don’t see any plans to fix this problem in the near future.

2. Rear-view Vision

Looking more towards the windshield and just glancing the rear-view mirror sometimes. We are moving forward looking at the rear-view mirror and not the windshield. Because of this already there are dents around us, but we are happy that we are moving forward.” Looking at the rear-view mirror is required but not always. Whenever we cast a new vision to the leadership, they think about a return to the past—a retreat—rather than a new future.

We never miss to put Bro. Bakht Singh’s name in the hand bills printed for any special meetings / youth retreats. We always try to stir up the emotions of the congregation by reminding what happened in the past. It’s no wonder that we hang-on to the idol of Bro. Bakht Singh.

We don’t want to cater to the needs of this generation, we shut mouths by bringing forward always what happened in the past.

3. Newly Called Ones

For the past 10 years, those who are born again and have been called for full time service do not have proper training. They do not know what to do. From Day 1, some have learnt the tricks of the trade to survive as a God’s servant, some learnt Indian Penal Code and some ran away to other denominations or Bible colleges.

Those who decided to continue are learning the acts of survival except the word of God. We rarely come across any faithful servants of God these days.

4. Ministers

We have so called leaders and we have the newly born again believers coming to the Church. We have few counsellors, few volunteers, everyone wants to get onto the pulpit. There’s a big gap in between the leadership and the new converts.

5. Century Churches

Baptists completed a century, Methodists completed a century even so Lutherans and some others. Sad that the so called highly spiritually valued Bakht Singh Hebron churches have just celebrated 75 years with divisions, court cases, hatred and what not.

6. The Way Forward

We should stop falling down before the politicians, lawyers, police, courts & we should re-start kneeling down before the Almighty.

1 Tim 6:10 – Money is the root of all evil.

I expect lashings against this write-up because I know there are more number of rear-view mirror folks who just want to move ahead than those who would like to move forward by spending more time looking at the windshield.

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