Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Prophet Elijah: The Chariots of Fire

Bible Portion: 2 Kings 2:1 to 18

Memory Verse. John 14: 3: And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Elisha desired a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. It was not greed. It was a desire to be the Lord’s prophet and do great things for the Lord just as Elijah did. Desiring to learn more about Jesus, to prove His power in our lives is very important. Also, Heaven is a beautiful place. If we must go there and enjoy all that God has planned for us, we must live a holy life here on earth.

Elijah was a great prophet. We saw him on Mount Carmel calling fire from heaven, we saw him at Brook Cherith, a discouraged and disappointed prophet, but the Lord never gave up on him, and we saw him as he heard the still small voice speaking to him. The Lord always took care of Elijah as he takes care of each one of us. When Elijah was tired, he would tell him to lie down and rest, when he was hungry, He would feed him, and when he was upset, the Lord encouraged Him.

Elijah spent many years running away from the wicked queen Jezebel. The Lord tells Elijah to go to a place where a person named Elisha was ploughing a field. God had chosen a person to help Elijah and Elijah placed his cloak on the shoulders of Elisha to show that he would be the next prophet.

Both Elijah and Elisha travelled around the country together telling the people messages from the Lord. Elijah knew that the Lord had a special plan for him so they both went one final time to meet all the other prophets. When Elijah and Elisha had to cross the River Jordan, Elijah threw his cloak and struck the river and the river miraculously divided and dry land appeared. Both the prophets crossed the river on dry land.

Elijah was a great prophet, he knew that the Lord had planned something very special for him and he told Elisha that he was going to leave him soon. He asked Elisha if he could do something for him before he left.

Elisha gave a very wise answer. He requested that double portion of the spirit of Elijah rest upon him. Elijah said that if you see me leave, you may have your desire.

After this conversation, an amazing thing happened, a chariot of fire with horsemen appeared from nowhere. Elijah was on one side and Elisha on the other side. A whirlwind caught us Elijah and he was taken into heaven as Elisha watched. Elijah’s cloak was left behind. Elisha took Elijah’s cloak and hit the River Jordan. It divided just as with Elisha. Elisha knew his request was granted. Elisha carried on the ministry that Elijah had left.

Heaven is a beautiful place. The Lord is preparing a lovely mansion for you. But you need to be prepared. You must accept the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart and you must live for Him. Read your Bible, pray every day, learn to listen to His voice and obey Him. Then there will be a glorious welcome in Heaven when you reach there just like Elijah had.


Heaven is a wonderful place. Color this picture with glittery paint. Or stick shining paper and make it a shiny picture reminding you of the mansion that is being prepared for you if you are a child of the Lord Jesus.

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