Published On: Sat, Dec 12th, 2020


Luke 11:1-13

The disciples of Lord Jesus Christ ask, Lord, teach us to pray.

The phrase, “LORD, Teach us to pray”, itself is a small prayer which the disciples have made unawares.

Let’s glean few things from this parable.

1. Asking
Disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray, seeking direction, seeking guidance which is really a good thing.

2. Praying for His Will
Praying in His will. In heaven His will is obeyed by everyone without hesitation & rebellion, so we must pray that such situation must prevail even on this earth in our lives. His name, His kingdom, His will are primary & our needs are secondary.

3. Intercession
Man is not asking bread for himself but for his friend, interceding for others. Not asking bread for just ourselves but asking bread for our friends & going out of the way shamelessly & asking bread for others.

4. Assurance
Praying with confidence.

5. Boldness
Man here is not hesitating to ask persistently for his friend even though its midnight.

Let us spend some time interceding for others persistently.

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