Published On: Fri, Dec 24th, 2021

Understanding the True Meaning of Christmas for Little Hearts – Day 9

You are very precious to Jesus

Bible Reading: Psalm 139

Memory verse: Psalm 139:17

The Christmas message was shared with ordinary shepherds watching their sheep by night. The message was also conveyed to wise men in the east. This shows that Christ came for all, big or small, rich or poor, all castes, kindreds, and tribes. Each one of us is very unique and special and Christ came into this world and died on the cross for each and everyone.

There is a beautiful Christmas story written by Max Lucado. The story is called ‘the Crippled Lamb’ and it talks about a crippled lamb named Joshua. Because Joshua could not run and hop around like other lambs, he was left out and felt very lonely and dejected. A friendly old cow named Abigail showed him kindness and always reminded him that he was very special and had a very special purpose. One night, he was left in the farmyard stable because he could not take the journey to the new valley. Since God always keeps us in the right place, that night, a very precious baby was born into this world, the Lord Jesus. Joshua was there in the stable and when the baby felt very cold, Joshua’s warm fleece kept the tiny little baby cozy and warm. Though we may feel sorry for ourselves and let down by those around us, each of us has a special place and a special worth! Just like little Joshua, each of us are very very special to the Lord Jesus.

Let us do this ‘You are special’ craft:

Use your imagination to make a mirror like the one above. Stick a picture of yourself and the wordings. Decorate the mirror and keep it as a reminder of how special you are.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for making me extra special. Thank you for your great love toward me. Help me to follow you always. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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