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Testimony of Late Dear Dr.Chithra.

Testimony of Late Dear Dr.Chithra aunty who went to be with the Lord on 25-11-2015.


I was born in a Hindu family. From my childhood, I had earnest desire to see GOD and talk to GOD. Any kind if poojas didn’t bring satisfaction. But, in childhood, if someone died, I had fear of how to face death. I lived with this fear. In my final days of schooling I had a small disease, Which I do not know what it is even today. I thought I would fail, but amazingly, I passed . I thought, I shouldn’t die. I thought about it very seriously, “I pray to so many gods, but I have no assure of living eternally with one of the gods, where will I go if I die. Death was darkness and fear to me. Hence I prayed to those gods not to kill me. I passed my metric. I lived with fear of death even in my pre-university. Even there, only by GOD’s grace I got good marks.
Knowing the true GOD

Not because of my marks, but only GOD gave me seat in Kurnool Medical College. I had a friend who belongs to Reddy Caste of Hindu religion.  She was more pious than me in Hinduism. She is Dr. Ruth Christopher. She came to me one day and told me, “hey, our gods are not real gods. JESUS CHRIST is the only real GOD in this world”, I was shocked to hear this. I said, “Is HE greater than Tirupati god? No need. I’ll pray to my gods only”. She told, “I am saved. I will go to heaven for sure”. I asked her what is this salvation? She told, “JESUS CHRIST washes our sins with HIS blood and takes us to heaven”.  I thought, “who is this JESUS CHRIST to take me to heaven? I have direct tickets to heaven”.

Few days after this argument, A very great politician died and I was thinking whether this politician will go to heaven or not. I saw a bit of paper was lying near dustbin and picked it up without knowing it was from BIBLE. Till then I never saw a Bible in my life. Surprisingly in the very first line of the verse on that paper, were answers to two questions in my heart. I thought, “Who is this GOD who peeped into my heart, searching and knowing all the things of my heart. HE knows my questions and now HE is giving answers to my questions. Who this GOD is?”. I didn’t get such answers from any of my Hindu books of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. Then I remembered what that girl told me. I then realized that there is truth of size of mustard seed in her words. In every room of my class, there was cross with JESUS CHRIST. I read the testimony of Sadhu Sundar Singh. I realized that none gave him money and clothes to convert him to Christianity, but JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF came down and converted HIM. There is no deception in it as I used to think. I thought the GOD who showed HIMSELF to him, if I see HIM, then I will believe in HIM.

From then I prayed,  “GOD, I believe you are there, but who really are you? Are you one of my Hindu gods or  Christian GOD or Muslim god, Jain god or Parsi god? Religion would not matter, but I want to know the truth. I will worship that TRUTH all the days of my life”. I made such firm decision and prayed but I didn’t see anyone in any dream. I had public exams then, but still I was very worried about knowing the true GOD. I remembered that girl’s words stating that GOD will talk through HIS word. I had one BIBLE given by her, so I prayed like this “GOD, you did not appear to me, but now, at least talk to me through your Word that will suffice. I have 2 questions, please answer me these two questions – Who is the real GOD? and What is forgiveness of sins without which we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven? I want to go to heaven alone and not hell”. I opened BIBLE as a lottery. If I get answers to my questions, then I will agree that YOU are greater and if I don’t get answer to my questions in first instance, then I will take it granted that HE is not the real GOD who couldn’t even pass in my questions. I opened BIBLE and it was from Isaiah:54:9,10 For this [is as] the waters of Noah unto me: for [as] I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth; so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee. 10 For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on thee.
I didn’t understand the first part of the verse, but I heard a small voice speaking, “You have sinned”. Until then I was very proud that I didn’t commit any mistake or sin. But now, I was reminded of all the movies which I saw in my childhood and all my sins from my childhood. Unknowingly I confessed all my sins. Then I understood that GOD forgave me according to that verse.  In 10, verse was the name LORD. In Telugu it was clearly mentioned as “LORD’s name”( YEHOVAH namamu). Hence I got answers to both of my questions. I knelt down and prayed saying, “LORD you have passed in the small test which I given. It is enough. I confess that you are the real GOD in all the world”. This way GOD showed HIMSELF as truth. I was flooded with joy and great peace and lost the fear of death, I had. I felt as if someone was washing my heart with water and my heart’s burden was lightened. I was given such a great salvation by GOD. Then again I heard a voice saying, “if you die, you will be with me in heaven”.

 Changed Life

Since then I had the very consciousness of sin. I feared even to lie. Once I fought with a girl and stopped talking to her for 5 days, then that same voice told that it was sin, and asked me to make peace with her. Immediately I went to her, talked to her and told about our LORD. GOD was showing me what all was sin – novels, cricket, games, radio and many. Anger was also shown but it took many days and many prayers to overcome that. GOD shown me jealousy which I had regarding studies and marks as sin. GOD made me realize that passing and getting good marks is necessary and I need not compare with others and feel jealous of them. Most importantly  they have no GOD and I have the world’s most precious and most important true GOD. I lost that craving and worrying about marks. Even Backbiting was shown to me as sin. GOD’S SPIRIT made me realize the futility of idol worshipping. I felt as if someone switched on a bright tube light in my dark life. I removed bindi (a small dot on forehead between the eyebrows) and the troubles began. My Professor called me and warned me not to enter his class without bindi. Exams time and this professor taught 2 major subjects. We need to write 3 subjects. Revision classes were going on. If we don’t attend the classes, we are sure to fail. My Friend (the girl who told me about Jesus) and I prayed a lot. She randomly opened her BIBLE and we saw the verse Isaiah:2:22 – “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of ?” we were encouraged by this verse and I dint have bindi, neither did I attend the classes. Everyone went to the class. I prayed, “LORD, even if I fail, let not your name be profaned because people may say that I am failed since I became Christian. Hence please save me”. After half an hour, everyone were returning to hostel, and on enquiring I learnt that there was indefinite strike. This incident increased and strengthened my faith. Such a great, real and living GOD HE is, that in one night he made the college to close. My professor wrote a letter to my home intimating about holidays and also stated that I had converted and I need no studies and sit at home. Hence I was taken home.

Sufferings at home

One and half year I was at home. During this time many incidents took place. Then I was admitted in Tirupati medical college, after renting a small house. My grandmother was with me, so that I would be isolated from my hostel mates, since they thought that I was influenced by them. GOD helped me greatly in my studies. Home was a jail for me. Even to go to another room, a person would accompany me. Therefore I prayed in bathrooms. My mom discovered even that. After my studies, I came to my village. I got job and GOD gave me little freedom. I could hear the noises and cry of evil spirits. GOD uses even satan for our good. Real and exceeding victory is running in victory sitting on the shoulders of the enemy. GOD is giving me this victory in many ways and in many things. Earlier my mother burnt my first BIBLE, Second, she threw in the well and third, she hid in a trunk box. I used to carry BIBLE to bathroom covered with folded clothes, read BIBLE on knees, and then take bath and come out. I used to hide it in a new place each day. After the noise of evil spirits I was strengthened. Then I thought about church. I daringly went out to go to church when I was stopped and asked by father where I was going. I told I was going to church. He told, “come home, then I will see your end”. After returning back home, terrible scoldings were showered upon me. Then I thought, “what am I suffering for LORD JESUS? These are just scoldings. There are many who suffered much for the LORD. This is nothing”. But they started locking the door on Sundays. I had no chance to go. I prayed all the time, “LORD, How long shall I be in this spiritual bonds? As you have redeemed Israel from Egypt, please redeem me also”. I was then transferred to another place. One Sunday, one man went to duty and another Sunday, I had to go. That way GOD paved a way. Nearly ten(10) years (it might surprise you), but 10 years, I had no Bible, no church, no Fellowship of believers and worship. All I had was a Small lamp of SALVATION. Rest all I had the situations of an unbeliever. When I went to church, in holy place, in the fellowship of believers, I was benefitted spiritually. I attended young sisters’ meeting and was spiritually benefitted. I used to go to church with flowers in my head, I knew not that it was mistake, but I realized it when one sister questioned me, “is it you who put flowers and come to church?” Since then, I removed such traditions. 

@ Hebron

GOD was telling me again and again to go to Hyderabad. But didn’t like Hyderabad. My parents were very strict with respect to religion, but to the world they were very good people. I prayed, “LORD, my parents are good people and I have this job. I am distributing tracts to patients who come to the hospital and doing paper cutting work in church during new year. This is enough for me, I will do this”. But LORD insisted me to go to Hebron at any cost. Even church sister told that it would be good, if I go to Hyderabad. They encouraged me so much that I decided to go to Hebron. Since then my parents stopped sending me money. My clinic money was kept with my dad, since he got to know that I was giving my tithes. So, bank cheque was taken by my father and money from patients at the clinic, by my mother. I had no money in hand. I shouldn’t beg, neither should I take loan, but I need money to go to Hyderabad. Then somehow I got money from someone when my mother signed incorrectly. Youth camp time at Hebron. Many were going and I asked them to buy a ticket for me too. The sister at the Church sister was worried how I will come from my home. I replied, asking them to buy the ticket with faith. I informed at home that I will be going to Hyderabad for a week as I didn’t have peace of mind. They told that they themselves will drop me. The day has come and I was locked in a room. I thought I will, for lifelong be in this darkness, in this small jail. Then I heard a small voice, I will deliver you as I have delivered Peter. I didn’t pray much, but church prayed for my deliverance. Because of that power of prayer, GOD gave me early deliverance. My parents went for three days to make me withdraw from my job. GOD made all those things unsuccessful. GOD made me to come out when none was at home. In short, though  it was impossible for me to go to Hyderabad from my house, God lead me in the same was as HE lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt by parting the red sea. I feared that neighbours or some relatives would notice me in the streets and would inform my parents. Amazingly GOD brought me to HEBRON. After coming here I faced different suffering. Satan put me in spiritual folly and darkness. GOD taught me very great lessons beginning from A B C D, (lothaina siluva karyam naalo chestu) HE lead me through a deep work of the cross. Waiting years are never wasted years. GOD will make those waiting  years to be useful. GOD gave so much of training for HIS ministry and experience in those waiting years. Because of improper training, satan’s works were manifested through me. I confess I am not a doctor. As Paul counted all things as dung (Phil:3:8), I too never regret for not being a doctor.

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