Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

Qualities of GODLY WOMEN:

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1. Serve GOD.

2. Strong in Faith.

3. Prayerful life

4. Fear of GOD

5. Serve Family

6. Honor your Husband

7. Love Others

8. Compassionate

9. Gentleness

10. Quit Spirit

11. Virtuous

12. Self controlled

13. Sacrifice

14. Kind hearted

16. Confident

17. Patience

18. Diligent

19. Attentive

20. Hard worker

21. Admirable

22. Dignified

23. Wise

24. Watchful

25. Teacher

“A women Should Serve GOD, Serve her Family and Her Husband..She should Build her House on the Rock (JESUS CHRIST)..With the Bricks of LOVE…”

Role of Women: She is the one who binds the family with Unity…


As a Wife

Your part is too important to make your Relationship strong..More than anything…Be as a Submissive wife who honors Her Husband…Be as a Friend, Partner, Lover, Mother etc etc to Him…. Don’t keep on Nagging your Husband…When He is Depressed Encourage him and motivate Him…You Should Lift Him through your Prayers…Love them…Care them…Make them to Feel happy and Comfortable…Be Prayerful…Be Strong…


As a Mother

Its Women duty to bring their children in the Fear of GOD…Love your children..Make them to Feel that they are Very Special to You…Don’t be rude and strict…show you kind love on them…Guide them, Motivate them, encourage them…Find their talents and help them to achieve it…and Teach them the Word of GOD…Teach them to Pray…Be Friend to them…Lead Them in Comfort and safe circle… Go to church as a family, Keep family prayers, spend time with your kids…if they are going in some other way…It’s your duty to be watchful and wise…so warn them..I wish I should teach my children more…They should Grow in the Fear of GOD you should be an Example and inspiration to others…


Many girls have a wrong assumption on Family life…as the want to lead nuclear family Life just for privacy and enjoyments…please don’t lead your life as nuclear family…FAMILY is the GIFT and TREASURE given by GOD…Don’t try to spilt the family due to your selfishness…Don’t break your relationship for silly reasons…The Value of Relationship must should be Experienced… As a GODLY WOMEN…You should respect and take care of Your In laws as your own mother and Father…Think them as your Own Father and Mother….I will tell you one thing for sure…The one who does not respect Her Mother-in-law and Father-in-law…Surely won’t be a God’s child… So please “Love to Be GOOD to all…Love Others and Be Loved by others..”

I really admire some Great Women in Bible like Sarah, Hagar, Hannah, Ruth, Esther and Mary Mother of Jesus..few Characters which I admire among them are…

Mary the Mother of Jesus:.

  • Mary was humble.
  • Strong woman.


  • Helpful and generous
  • Loyal love or kindness or devotion and this brings about patience
  • Obedient
  • Loving


  • Prayerful
  • Faithful
  • Trust and hopeful


  • Caring for others
  • Wise
  • Brave
  • Thoughtful,
  • Wise
  • Good manners


  • Strong and accurate knowledge of Bible doctrine.
  • Good relationship with her husband and dedicated to ministry
  • She is a humble person.
  • She is wise and balanced in her ministry.
  • She knows how to help and teach others without embarrassing them
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