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Jehovah Shammah,Chennai -75th Anniversary-HOLY CONVOCATION

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Jehovah Shammah -75th Anniversary-HOLY CONVOCATION 



Day 2

Message 2


Evening Msg: Bro. Isaac Abraham

1. Acts:26:19
Today there is no dreams or vision.

What is a vision?
Ps:119:18 revelation through scriptures
Jn:5:39 to have a vision, search the scriptures.

Example: The Great man of God, Bakht Singh Uncle with Bro. Flake & Bro. Golsworthy, received a vision of church with Reading the word and Praying for 60 days at Nilgiris, Coonoor.


Night msg by Bro. John Stewart

Vision about House of God to various persons.
Gen:28:18,19 to Jacob
Exo:25:39,40 to Moses
1chro:28:19 to David
To Solomon, Nehemiah, Ezra, haggai, and Cyrus king of Persia and to Peter and Paul.

Even God has given the vision about the church.

Today Satan is trying to get away from VISION.

10 Purpose of the House of God
1. To dwell among them. Exo:28:25
2. Exo:29:40-45 To meet my people
3. To sanctify them
4. Exo:40:35-38 To lead the people
5. Num:10:33 To walk before them
6. To give victory over enemy SATAN.
7. Lev:26:11,12 My soul will not abhore you
8. II chro:2:2 to 14
9. Lev:6:13 Worship & 10. Prayer.

Testimony by
Bro. Moriah John, Vizag @ Jehovah Shammah, chennai..

I was born in Ongole, prakasham dist, I was a vishwa brahmin, and from childhood very religious and pious. I was appointed as Pujari in temples. I used to think that we(brahmins) were the only people who go to heaven. One day one of my Friend asked me to come to church, there one brother who started telling about Lord Jesus Christ. I ignored it and this was repeated again…now I started arguing with him…saying you people dont know what day is good and what is todays star n other rituals…& whatever we(brahmins) say you people have to follow…adding to it I said you say you are christians, but you people fight,drink,beat and also kill innocent animals and eat…how can you christians go to heaven… I challenge you to show atleast one brahmin who fights….then that elderly man said…all christians will not go to heaven but only those whose sins are forgiven only they will go to heaven….still I was not convinced . Now my friend took me to another brahmin who was converted and accepted Lord Jesus Christ. Then I said see…all gods are same but the way we worship him is different…
For eg: you say oh Lord thank you for this day & we say the same in slokas….

Then he asked do you say lies I said yes now n then…then he said…
Do you know what happens if we sin….I.said even small boy can answer this…we will go to hell……then he said… if one day a lie then for 7 days 7lies in a month 30 lies n per yr 365 lies…so how many times must you be punished?? then I started thinking about my sinful nature…everything came in front of my eyes….then again as a routine I went to perform puja in cinema hall every friday and so one saturday passed away and sunday arrived….my frnd took me to church…I enjoyed the singing and slept at the time of msg.

Later one elderly man your God sinless…then I thought for a while n thought all came as humans n lived life just like us and did many sins but yet we are worshipping them knowingly or unknowingly…then that man said only Jesus Christ is sinless person and through him comes salvation…

Then I went home removed my janjam(thread which brahmins wear) & started praying…later I testified in waters of baptism by Bro.Phillip, then God called me for his service and till today Iam in his service.

Jhovah Shammah  Convocation

Jhovah Shammah Convocation

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