Published On: Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014

Godliness with Contentment – Queen Esther

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Taken from “A word in Season to the Weary” – Daily meditations from the ministry of Brother Bakht Singh-July 1

But godliness with contentment is great gain – I Timothy 6:6

Esther was brought in favor with the great King Ahasuerus. We are told that many young women were brought before him one by one. Before they were presented before the king they were told that whatever they desired they could ask for it and they would be given. Whether garments, gold or silver or things for purification: nothing was withheld from them. But we are told that Esther required nothing (Esther 2:15). Other women had a long list daily but Esther did not ask for anything. Surprising isn’t it. I do not know of anyone who has said” I do not want anything”. Some are never satisfied with whatever they are given. You may give your wife 100 sarees, she may ask for 10 more and some more. They want something new every month. You may give them any kind of jewels they are not satisfied. Some husbands take all their salaries to their wives. In case the husband gives even Rs 25 less than normal, they will ask, where did you spend it, what did you do with it and to whom did you give it? The whole salary will be spent within 10 days and they want more money. They are not satisfied whosoever they are.

Here the story says, when Esther’s turn came she required nothing. The result was she found favor with not just the king but everyone in the palace. She became the most God-fearing queen and through her life and faith the whole nation of Israel was saved. She learned the secret, how to be content and how to be satisfied. She knew that nothing in the world could satisfy her. However attractive the world may be it could never satisfy her. There are so many who feel that by eating, drinking, buying costly garments and gold and silver they can be happy. That is why their lives are a failure. Before marriage they go on making enquiries through relations, brokers and friends as to how much dowry they will get or how much land they can have. They will not say openly but secretly they enquire how many children the father has and how much she will get. After making sure they will say” No I am satisfied”. But suppose they are not satisfied, they will say, we have no peace since their eyes are on worldly things or on the girls’ qualification, complexion, etc. That is why they are disappointed. Contentment makes a home happy.
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