Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

As the Lord Leads….

God of the Holy Bible says: “I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go. [1]

When we are born again – when we have made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives and when we have entered the kingdom of God – one of privileges we would inherit is the promise of Perfect Peace and Guidance made available to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. [2]

Our Lord would lead us in many different wonderful and mysterious ways. But, let’s see now, how our good Lord leads us in four different ways for our good. [3]

1. Through WORD OF GOD : Word of God reveals us the mind of God towards the best and perfect PATH when we are going through this wilderness journey.[4]

2. Through HOLY SPIRIT : Holy Spirit of God points to us the right direction throughout our life. [5]

3. Through CIRCUMSTANCES:  Circumstances work like check posts as they are wonderfully ordered and controlled by God to know and follow His guidance. [6]

4. Through PRAYER : Prayer is the wonderful time of enjoying God’s presence to understand God’s leading. [7]

It is to be noted here that the “TRANSFORMATION or shaping of our minds” by God helps us to know His best, perfect and reasonable WILL, provided we offer (surrender) our bodies as a holy and acceptable sacrifice to Him. [8]

Above all, the PEACE OF GOD rules in our hearts, only when we follow the right guidance of the Lord. [9]

Like Israelites, who have cried for meat and displeased Lord in the wilderness [10], I too have cried twice in my career life by craving for the worldly positions and by not heeding to the guidance of the Lord.

I pleaded with the Lord like anything to grant me a lucrative job in IBM in the year 2000 and the Lord has heard my cry. I had got associated with IBM Global Services (India) as a Technical Executive in Jamshedpur. Later on I realized that this was against the will of the Lord; I could not continue in the Job and resigned within 6 (six) months time.

Even then, I had not learnt the lesson. Once again I pleaded with the Lord to provide me a Job in RedHat India Private Ltd in the year 2005. Gracious Lord has granted my request this time too; I have got associated with the RedHat as an Instructor-Learning Service in New Delhi. But, Alas! I had to resign within 4 (four) months this time as I could not continue there due to the circumstances (fear of the health). I Praise God as he has led me through the circumstances in order to be in the center of His will.

One Telugu proverb, “Chethulu kaalinaaka aakulu pattukunnatlu”, which literally means, “(no point in) holding medicinal leaves after burning one’s hands “. One should be careful and not to touch the fire in the first place. What is the point of holding (or rubbing) medicinal leaves after burning the hands?”[11] That means, Prevention is better than cure.

Hence, it is better to UNDERSTAND the guidance of the Lord in first place instead of repenting at the later stage.

Conclusion : We need to be TEACHABLE when the Holy Spirit of God clearly reveals the will of God to lead us during our seasons of “Prayer” and reading of the “Word of God”. Hallelujah!!!

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