Published On: Tue, Dec 17th, 2013

A Tribute by Bro.Rajangam

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“(Uncle Philip) avante shushrookshakalam thikanjhasheksham avan veettleku poyi. Lukyos 1:23”….
And it came to pass, that, as soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished, he departed to his own house. Luke 1:23

“ippoll natha thiruvachanampole nee adiyane samadhanathode vittayakunnu. Lukyos 2:29”
“Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:Luke 2:29”

15th December, around 1.30Am… I had been meditating above these verses in Philadelphia church @ Allapuzha, Kerala….As we all know that, we used to mediate those verses in the connection of our Lord’s first advent…And also, these verses have been a great comfort in the lives of believers at the time of the home call of our dear ones….
As we know, the word depart in the Greek has several meanings and each of them tells us something about the home call of our dear ones. It means to release a prisoner, to unite a ship and set sail…

Soon after the meditation I saw the home call sms of Our dearest uncle Philip around 2.15AM….

He has completed his tireless ministry and avan veettleku poyi…The ship of the captain who surrendered his Life to the captain of salvation now departed in peace after completed his very long mission for the Lord and His Church…..

I have been watching his life and ministry more than 25 years…In all the circumstances; he has been a great inspirational instrument for the body of Christ…
Through his multi colored manifold Gifts like expounding very deep truths by simple examples and in humorous ways, Prayer, Singing, Music, Writings, even through his beautiful handwriting, counseling and in and through many other gifts, he edified the Body of Christ…Taught us the Manifold wisdom of Christ in and through the Church that we may love each other, forgive and forbear one another and keep the unity of Spirit in Peace and submit each other and subject ourselves to the God and God appointed spiritual authorities…

Certainly he stood for the true vision of the church….I personally like his example of patience in waiting, power of suffering, passion for the love of Christ, persistence in call and ministry…..

Definitely, like our uncle Bakht singh and others, he too set a challenging fire before us through his life and ministry…It is up to us to press on….

Dear Philip uncle,

For us to keep & Live God’s word, you have ministered in many ways…
We can’t forget your smiling face, Royal look, action hand, Jokes, Traditional Kerala dhoti and jippa dress & western suit etc..,

You have travelled many miles…You have graced the occasions of many Meetings, weddings and funerals…

We miss you lot in this side…Your sweet screaming voice no more heard in this shore…But will see you in other shore… Thank you so much for your faithful testimony for us to follow…..

In Him,
Patmos Prayer House, Coimbatore, South India

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