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A Place for God to Dwell– Lesson 1 – What is the Tabernacle?

Memory verse: Exodus 25:8

The Lord created man with a purpose, to have fellowship with him. After man sinned in the Garden of Eden, the Lord continually sought a way to dwell among men. In his divine plan, He chose the people of Israel and He brought them out of the bondage of Egypt. He led them by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

Tabernacle – The Definition

While journeying in the wilderness, the Lord instructed Moses to build a tabernacle, a place where the God of heaven and earth would meet man. The tabernacle was designed to be portable and remained so till Solomon’s temple was built – a period of 400 years. While Moses was on Mount Sinai, he was given clear instructions as to how the tabernacle should be built.

Tabernacle – The Placement

When the Israelites camped in the desert, the tabernacle was at the center of the camp with the twelve tribes of Israel encamped round about.

The tabernacle was situated in the very center of camp, with the 12 tribes encamped around it. During its use, the tabernacle was moved many times. Everything could be packed into oxcarts when the people left, but the ark of the covenant was hand-carried by Levites. This shows that Christ should always have the preeminent place or the supreme place in our heart and lives.

In Numbers 2: 2, it says that all the tribes were to tent facing the tabernacle. Even at a very young age, we need to understand that our lives must be centered around the cross, around the Lord Jesus and His people.

Tabernacle  – A basic Outline

The Tabernacle consisted of the outer court, the holy place, and the most holy place. Each of these has a very special significance. The basic image of the Tabernacle looked like this:

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

We will go through a series of lessons to understand the Tabernacle or the tent of meeting. When the Lord revealed His plan of a tabernacle to Moses, he asked Moses to tell the children of Israel to bring their offerings to Him. Exo 25:1 to 7.

Before we study the tabernacle and the details, the Lord requires you to offer Him not gold, silver, and precious stones but your life as a living sacrifice so He may dwell in your heart and be your God. Have you believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work of the cross? He wants to have fellowship with you. He wants to meet you everyday and speak to you. He wants you to speak to him. The Bible says we are the temple of God. You are his little temple and He will dwell in you only if your life is pure and you are ready to keep Him at the center of your life.

Try this craft. The first heart and the second heart should be stuck together so they form a flap that covers the sins.

“Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy just and true, and with thanksgiving, I will be a living, sanctuary for you.”

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